Choosing a college major and making a career choice are challenging and complex tasks. Your process is made simple with our help.

Services include the following along with any individual help that is needed.


All clients complete two proven assessments in person during our first meeting.


At a second meeting, we report the results to client and parents and form an Action Plan including suggested major and college suggestions.

Continued support

If desired, we continue to provide individualized services until the student graduates college.

These individualized services could include

Sometimes, students are not aware of their natural strengths. Once your student realizes personal strengths, self-confidence soars and choices become clearer. Choosing a major or career as well as a college should not be done randomly.

We support your navigation through the college maze and clarify time-lines. Personal attention throughout the process and follow-up prepares you to make good decisions for a rewarding future.

Coaches complete the assessments with you in person, interpret the results, and discuss the findings. We stick with you until you graduate from college.